Experience Zagreb with all your senses and have your lunch served on the early 20th century dinnerware. Sounds tempting?

Take a walk around Dolac – the best known open air market in Zagreb, buy your groceries and enjoy a cup of coffee on špica.

After that, visit the antiques fair in British Square (Britanac) and get started on cooking the authentic Zagreb lunch following our grandmas' recipes. Make a toast with the finest, locally produced liquors and vines to accompany the food that you prepared yourself.

The best of all is that it's all happening in the authentic old Zagreb home, filled with art work, providing a unique atmosphere.

At the end, leave with your Diploma on passing the course Cooking Croatia by Papica. Memories and flavours will remain in your heart forever because, don't forget, cooking brings people together.

Are you ready to take the challenge? We are ready for you.